Shardlow Marina

Hi all just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone who attend the Shardlow rally.
We braved, rain, winds and snow but we all carried on regardless.
We had a nice meal on the Friday night and the flag was a bit rushed due to the weather, but we had a great weekend.
So thank you for making a difficult rally fun.
See you all soon M and L xx



Thanks to the marshals for a good rally at Shardlow Marina, and well done to all who braved the elements that was chucked at us all over the weekend, not the best of weather but for March it was still good to get out, Thursday was very windy, four caravans arriving and a mini social held in one in the evening. Friday, wet and windy, another four caravans arrived and in the evening we all had a meal at The Clock Warehouse just across the road, thanks to the marshals for organising the group booking. Saturday wet and windy again which put paid to the evening social to be had under the shelter, but I think everyone had a trip out to break the day. Sunday, blinds open to see the field covered with a sprinkle of snow, although it soon disappeared, it was still cold and windy with occasional snow / sleet, most packed up early and headed for home just after the quick flag held between the showers. Thanks again, L & J