Netherseal, Valentines

I would just like to thank Paul, Sandra, Sue, and John B, for all of the effort they put in to the Valentines rally it was a good weekend despite the ever-changeable weather.
We arrived on the Friday evening, after a bite to eat we assembled in the bar with everyone, we had an enjoyable night and there were plenty of laughs, and it was great to catch up with everyone. (Shelly again I’m sorry for knocking your drink all over the table).
Saturday was a leisurely day just relaxing in the caravan and then nipping out for a few essentials to the local co-op, it was great just to relax and not be running around at 100 mph.
Saturday evening, we all settled in the hall, where the table was set out very nicely for dinner. We were served a lovely meal of soup with a bread roll, Gammon, veg, potatoes, with pineapple and parsley sauce, this was followed by a selection of desserts, as always on the
rallies there was enough for seconds, and the usual culprits took up the challenge, (myself included).
After dinner we had a black out card, and a valentine’s goody bag which contained some chocolates and other bits and bobs, a photo session with a valentine’s frame with accessories to add to the moment.
After flag had been completed, the rest of the evening was spent socializing with everyone and listening to some music.
Sunday was as at most of the rallies a free and easy day, and then the pack up and head home. The whole weekend was very enjoyable and relaxing, Lisa and I both said it was like we had had a mini holiday and felt refreshed for the week ahead.
Paul and Sandra were the perfect hosts and were on hand if needed, also want to say a thank you to Johnny boy for coming to our rescue with a gas bottle, after returning to the caravan to find out the gas had gone. It only took one quick call to Johnny and a bottle was waiting for me, but due to the fact he was just settling down for the night, the odd shoes were funny to see.
We thank everyone at the rally for making it a great weekend and can’t wait for the next one.
This is our first time writing a rally report so if we have missed anything then please let us know.

Mark & Lisa Chapman.