Breedon on the Hill

Thanks Lisa, Olga, Mark & Paul for marshaling a brilliant rally, I think everyone enjoyed the weekend, excellent weather Thursday & Friday, with cloud and rain coming in Saturday afternoon, this did not stop the American feast going ahead under cover in the evening, food provided by all who attended, an excellent spread, with music and lighting provided by PW & PR The raffle sold well with many prizes to be won, then having a backwards raffle for three prizes with myself winning the booby prize, a candle lit meal with the G wagon man, still waiting for my cheese on toast!  I hope who ever won the biscuits found them not too broken, they were passed around quite a lot, a very entertaining evening. The club and the charity did well out of the weekend, thanks to the eleven members generosity in supporting the rally. A lovely venue in a small village,very accommodating, I think we will be back soon.